Pear & Parsnip Juice

Parsnips are perhaps best known as a winter season staple, roasted with the Xmas turkey dinner, but you may not be aware that they also make a lovely juice paired with apples, pear, lime and a bit of mint. One parsnip has at least a quarter of your RDA of vitamin C and 8% of your RDA of potassium, which is great for helping to reduce blood pressure. So, if you have a couple of parsnips left in your fridge, try out this simple juice recipe.

Equipment needed: Juicer
Ingredients for 1 glass

1 golden delicious apple
2 hard pears
1 medium parsnip
1/2 peeled lime
4 sprigs of mint
small handful of ice

Pass all the ingredients through the juicer, sandwiching the mint leaves between the fruit to make sure they are extracted. Pour over ice, serve, and enjoy.