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Welcome!!   My name is Carol but you may know me best as Tassahai, the Microlocs Specialist. 

I’ve been a practising Sisterlocks and Microlocks Consultant in London since 2001… that’s all of 20 years.  Wow!  Sometimes it seems like yesterday and at other times it seems like so long ago that I left my two year old behind and took that flight to San Diego to do my training.   So much has happened in life since then.  For a start, the said two year old has since graduated University and has landed a fab first job!

How did I get here?

It was 1997.  I decided to start wearing my hair in its natural state and chose locks as a hairstyle.  They weren’t huge dreadlocks but I knew I wanted them smaller.  So the search began.  I discovered the Sisterlocks website quite by accident in November 2000 and saw a picture of the most gorgeous micro-sized locks – from that moment my mind was made up. It took me about a month to find the only UK consultant here in London and that’s how my Sisterlocks journey began… a lunchtime meeting in an Islington coffee shop with a lovely lady named Dawn who would be my mentor during those early years.  Arrangements were made and over the period of about a month we undid my old traditional locks and reinstalled 840 micro-sized Sisterlocks.

Leap of faith

I loved my new hairstyle,  I really really did – so much so, that a mere month later, I took a massive leap of faith and ended up on a plane to San Diego to do my Sisterlocks training!   It was a scary but exciting time because no one had ever travelled from the UK to train in Sisterlocks before. There was no established and ready market here and you certainly didn’t walk down the street or stand at a bus stop and see people with Sisterlocks the way you do now.

It would be another 3 years and 4 years respectively before the founding of Facebook and YouTube, so in the absence of social media in an almost virgin market, my very first clients were referred to me by the Home Office in the US.  These were mainly American and Caribbean vacationers who needed an interim retightening whilst they were in the UK.  A magazine article and a few exhibition stands later, and the clients started to come – not just from the UK, but from as far away as Zimbabwe and Australia. The rest, as they say, is history, and it has been a lovely journey.  I have certainly met some wonderful people along the way birthing many new heads, maintaining others and training others to become loctitians and run their own businesses.

Over the years though my career veered into health and nutrition firstly as a need to help myself understand personal health challenges and then to help others.  

So there it is.  Now I get to combine all my interests in hair, health and food and I’d love to help you too.   Please do check back often and sign up for exciting information regarding hair care, recipes, events, trainings and of course the blog.

To good health and beautiful hair.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Carol x

Member, Hair Council, SRH
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Certificate in Intermediate Cookery (Ashburton)
Certified Juice Therapist
Certified Raw Food Teacher and Coach
Raw Food Chef
Member, BABTAC Beauty Therapist