Annette Larkins: the raw vegan who looks 40 years younger than her real age

If you want proof of the incredible power of raw foods, look no further than Annette Larkins, the stunningly gorgeous 74-year-old woman with an hourglass figure and a razor-sharp mind. When people find out how old she is, they usually react in one of two ways: either “I don’t believe you,” or, “What’s your secret?”

Annette went vegetarian in the 1960s, after developing a distaste for meat when her husband was running a butcher’s shop. She has been raw for some thirty years, and now grows much of her own food, feasting on leafy greens, sprouts and fruits fresh from her garden. She also leads an active lifestyle to maintain her mental and physical agility. All that live nutrition is certainly showing in the quality of her hair, line-free and glowing skin, and the sheer energy and vibrancy she exudes.

Check out this interview with Annette and see for yourself…

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