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Welcome to Tassahai,
the home of head-turning natural locks!

Join me, Carol, on a journey to greater self-acceptance and beautiful hair beyond your wildest dreams…

I am an experienced Loctitian and Natural Hair Consultant operating in London, specialising in the installation and maintenance of versatile small locks. These locks require no chemical treatments or artificial ingredients – nothing but your own natural, unprocessed hair. Over the years many happy clients have passed through my doors, discovering, to their surprise, that the decision to have locks sets them on a positive path towards inner peace regarding their hair and their physical beauty.

As a Raw Food Coach, I am also passionate about teaching people how to take their health into their own hands by incorporating as much fresh produce and plant-based nutrition into the diet as possible. After all, your physical body, including your hair, is only as healthy and vibrant as the nutrition you feed it!

If this resonates with you, get in touch today to book an initial consultation and find out how locks could transform your hair, your looks and your life.


Carol x

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